ClaDaG was founded by two experts with complementary skills leveraging a dual knowledge business / technical:



Jean-François Le Clanche11 years in the private equity industry in 2 market leaders in France: Idinvest Partners (formerly AGF Private Equity) and AXA Private Equity. / 06 80 64 86 12





Pierre-Yves Dagiral13 years as a consultant and advisor on and around ERP and Business Intelligence solutions; with several projects in the private equity industry including Euromezzanine, AXA Private Equity and FSI. / 06 15 76 94 40



Our cultural background around maths and finance gives us a capacity for abstraction, analysis and modeling, which brings our customers a strong differentiator for design effective and elegant solutions.
Our varied experiences and expertise of the private equity industry not only allow us to understand the technology with hindsight to select the best but also to develop best practices in operational processes to optimize them.
Finally our value proposition around the sharing leads to putting the customer at the center of our concerns and share our knowledge to empower their teams.
Our motto : Whatever we well understand we express clearly, and words flow with ease. (Nicolas Boileau)